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Elkhorn Botanicals

Elkhorn Botanicals sells annual and perennial bedding plants, heirloom vegetable plants and culinary herbs.   

Cedar Ring Greens

Our farm is located on Old Owenton Road about five miles from downtown Frankfort.  We are in our eighth season of selling at the Franklin County Farmers Market, and our third season living and farming on our own land.  As Ella, our daughter,  might tell you, we share our farm with a cat, a dog, 12 chickens, lots of bees, beetles, caterpillars, spiders, earthworms and lots of other soil life, birds, mice, an increasing number of native trees and plants, more bindweed than we wish, and raccoons, possums, deer, and blue herons who pass through.

At Cedar Ring Greens, we focus on growing

Quarles Farm

The Quarles Farm is situated in western Franklin and eastern Shelby Counties and comprises approximately 400 acres.  Most of this land is grazing acreage for approximately 150 cow/calf pairs and most recently a flock of 15 Katahdin sheep. 

We sell beef and lamb as well as vegetables.  We sell a large variety of value-added products including almost 20 varieties of breads and cakes as well as salsas, relishes, pickles, chutneys, jams and jellies. 

Some of our new products this fall will be spiced caramel pear jam, raspberry pear jam and pineapple pear jam.

Gallrein Farms

Gallrein Farms is located just minutes from Shelbyville at 1029 Vigo Rd. Shelbyville, KY 40065 The farm operates on two separate tracts, totaling approximately 1000 acres.  We grow a variety of vegetables including our very popular sweet corn which makes up about +/- 300 acres. You can also find pumpkins and gourds in the Fall along w/ strawberries and melons when in season. We also have a small cattle operation and raise a large crop of soybeans. We also have over 50,000 square feet of greenhouses where you can find lots and lots of flowers and unique plants.

Malia's aunt and uncle, Randie

Kuhndog Ridge Farm

Kuhndog Ridge Farm produces fresh eggs available at Bluegrass Meadows Farm's table.


Information coming soon.

Ayres Family Orchard

Ayres Family Orchard has had a good year in spite of the the weather.  The spring freeze thinned the crop a little bit and hail thinned it a little more.  But the summer heat and dry conditions made the fruit especially sweet and flavorful.

Now is the time to get some of these exceptionally flavorful apples.  Picking is rapidly coming to an end and apples will be gone in a few weeks.  Golden Delicious , Red Delicious, Mutsu, Rome Beauty and Winesap along with Cider and home made jams are available.