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Elkhorn Botanicals

Elkhorn Botanicals sells annual and perennial bedding plants, heirloom vegetable plants and culinary herbs.   

Cedar Ring Greens

Our farm is located on Old Owenton Road about five miles from downtown Frankfort.  We are in our eighth season of selling at the Franklin County Farmers Market, and our third season living and farming on our own land.  As Ella, our daughter,  might tell you, we share our farm with a cat, a dog, 12 chickens, lots of bees, beetles, caterpillars, spiders, earthworms and lots of other soil life, birds, mice, an increasing number of native trees and plants, more bindweed than we wish, and raccoons, possums, deer, and blue herons who pass through.

At Cedar Ring Greens, we focus on growing

Kuhndog Ridge Farm

Kuhndog Ridge Farm produces fresh eggs available at Bluegrass Meadows Farm's table.


Information coming soon.

Ayres Family Orchard

Ayres Family Orchard has had a good year in spite of the the weather.  The spring freeze thinned the crop a little bit and hail thinned it a little more.  But the summer heat and dry conditions made the fruit especially sweet and flavorful.

Now is the time to get some of these exceptionally flavorful apples.  Picking is rapidly coming to an end and apples will be gone in a few weeks.  Golden Delicious , Red Delicious, Mutsu, Rome Beauty and Winesap along with Cider and home made jams are available.

Brooks Hill Farm


Brooks Hill Farm

1131 Johnson Road

Frankfort, KY 40601

Owner, Deborah B. Hill

Brooks Hill Farm has been under my stewardship for about 15 years.  Although not certified organic, I have managed it entirely without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  I manage the farm with a combination of organic farming and agroforestry techniques, and permaculture principles.

Goldfinch Farm

Goldfinch Farm is three generations of people learning how to farm, drawing on the generous advice of our mentors, the ancestral legacy of our Kentucky farming kin and a good dose of on-the-job training. We haven't always been farmers— this time last year, we were all co-owners of a Fair Trade coffee shop in Northeast Ohio, volunteering on an organic farm in our free time and hiding a small flock of golden buff laying hens behind our house.

Late in the summer of 2013, we sold our coffee shop, packed some Uhauls and moved to central Kentucky, driven by the desire to produce food we feel good

Judy Bourne

My husband and I live on his family farm in Owen County on Severn Creek.  We love where we live and are always amazed at the beauty around us.  We raise a garden, tend chickens, can a lot of our produce, and spend  as much time as possible with our grandkids who also live on the farm.
Ten years ago, I began baking for farm market thinking it would only be a temporary venture until the garden was producing and I would sell fresh vegetables.  Well, long story short, the response to my home baked goods totally surprised me and I realized  that there was a niche for value-added products.

The Red Barn Egg Farm

We are The Red Barn Egg Farm, located at 412 Hanks Lane. South end of Franklin Co. We are a participant in the national poultry improvement program (NPIP). Also part of the Kentucky Proud, GMO free and working on a full organic certification.
Our farm is a third generation farm. We have around 75 birds on our farm. Chickens, ducks, turkeys and guineas. We sell chicken and duck eggs. We will also hatch out chicks on a pre-order basis. 
Our belief at The Red Barn Egg Farm is that our animals should be raised as if they were in the wild.

Mefford Family Farms


In the mid 1990’s, my brother, Ivan Mefford, visited the Houston Livestock Show in Houston, Texas, and saw Belgian Blue cattle for the first time.  He was so impressed that he managed to convince the family here in Kentucky to start raising them.  We became Mefford Family Farms, Inc., and began raising and showing registered, fullblood Belgian Blue cattle.  By 1999, we were also raising crossbred Belgian Blues (much more affordable) to market beef, under the name Bluegrass Meadows Beef.  In 2001, we obtained necessary permits to begin selling our beef at the Franklin County Farmers Market.

Hutcherson Family Farm

Bobby grew up on our farm which is located on Steadmantown Lane near Peaks Mill—I grew up on a dairy farm in Monroe County.  The farm backs up to one of the deepest parts of Elkhorn Creek.  Here we raise 20 acres or so of produce including triple sweet white corn, various varieties of tomatoes, green beans, watermelons, and cantaloupes, just to name a few. 

We get help from our son Lincoln and several of our family members.  Our tenant Antonio also lives on the farm and picks for us daily.  Most of the crops are on black plastic with an irrigation drip system supplied with well water.